Sketch to Soft

I intend to take my illustrated sketches and stitch them together with a digital tablet.

There are certain qualities I want to emulate to enhance the telling of the Deerfield story yet I haven’t decided officially. I like a “quilted” haberdash of texture and collage. I want to mimic the aged quality of the manuscripts from my research. I’ve been testing out samples of “Puritan font” and handwritten scrawl I’ve seen by using various ink and loving Golden fluid acrylics.

First-hand documents, diaries, notes, etc., are extra fascinating in the research process. The same way catching your reflection in antique mirrors or spotting fingerprints and errant paint brush hairs on Old Master paintings is a special moment where I can see what they saw or feel the elements they felt at the time the document was written. The scrawling and erratically spelled handwriting in this Deerfield research amplify the mental image I’m creating of the documents’ original authors.

Reads & References


Feature image inspired from the original Mass. Bay Colony seal. Ink on paper.