UXR Resume

Work History

  • 8 years experience in User Experience Research
  • Digital Marketing, Membership, Arts Editorial
  • Academic Programs in Art Education: 5+ years


  • ALM, Media Arts + Instructional Design, Harvard University (completing 2021)
  • MS, Human Factors of Information Design, Bentley University
  • Post Baac, Creative Advertising, Northwestern University
  • BFA, Studio Art + Art History, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Illustration, photography, foreign language, digital design software, branding, basic web design & simple programming with lots of different things.


  • Human Factors of Information Design + UX + Toys + Learning + Brain Science

I’m passionate about research and am generally a grand thinker of the grandiose, especially in arts + maker style projects involving simple electronics, Arduino, sewing, embroidery, and brain simulations via Legos, string, play-do, and paper…Always looking on gaining more skills and performing better research.

Thanks for visiting my ever evolving site!

P.S. I’d love to chat with you!

xoxo H xoxo