CIID July 2016

I’m attending this Digital and Physical Fabrication workshop this summer and am beyond excited! The instructors, Gabrielle Levine and Sarah Krugman, look fascinating and I can’t believe I’ll get to join them!

Workshop description:

“Things are changing. Our access to things and ways of making have changed, materials are being combined in new ways, leading to incredible innovation. Smart medical devices, soft exoskeletons, new ways of energy generation and storage can all be done by individuals in their homes, schools, small companies. These innovations are because of increased fabrication methods, open source hardware and software, more fluid dialogue within communities and accessible prototyping tools. Not only is the functionality improving but the experience and personal impact of what we make is too.

What materials are good for what utility? How long is their lifespan? What does one material communicate to the other? How do the aesthetics of the material influence its use? How can new production methods be used to advance the way we understand form and function? What is the relationship between different combinations of materials with the organic and inorganic world? This five-day course takes a hands-on approach to examine the relationships of materials for design and production.”

[Excerpted from the CIID 2016 website.]

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