CiiD: Digital & Physical Fabrication

“Explore how material and aesthetic properties and manufacturing methods influence form and design of objects.”*

The group looks amazing, an overused word to be sure, but when’s a better place to say it: a-m-a-z-I-n-g. I hope we get on well.*

Not sure what to plan for in advance but I will bring all my color pens and drawing gear. How else can I trust I will be able communicate clearly with out my Staedtler and glitter jelly rolls??

My must do’s

*Fair enough? I can be both shy and extroverted while posturing an excessively Southern Scarlett O’Hara caricature-forgive me, it’s a pathologic and automatic response I haven’t executive control. Groups make me antsy because I want it to go really well and learn everything and get questions answered without breaking anyone’s spirit and or brain with my relentless persistence…I’m already tired of myself.

Resources & Reads