Studio Practice

Art: Why make, why create?

These questions are the central focus of this blog, and the fundamental brain behavior relationship that help explain creative endeavors. I use robotics, Arduino, crafting, making to flesh out the details. 

Looking at other artists’ work is so important to growth; sharing links to artists and makers is really important to me and happens frequently on this site. Whether it’s visual artwork, electronics projects, or sewing, I mean sharing links/mentions of an artist’s intention, practice, concept, as respectfully as possible.  I post my own images through this site and any attached that I manage.

Photography: I shoot landscape, isolating light, reflection, transparency, and pattern. Most often, I shoot low light settings. I shoot with a digital SLR, SONY NEX-6 or a NIKON D20. Occasionally, I shoot film in medium format, either with a very old Seagull twin lens or my Yashica twin lens. Occasionally, I will scan my negatives into Photoshop to continue developing the image.

Studio: Illustration, paintings, lettering, and collage work is done in various kinds of pencil, water color, acrylic gouache, and pen, and may sometimes get scanned into Illustrator to continue the image.

More of my studio work in illustration, digital/film photo and oil/acrylic paintings can be found here. Individual drawings and works in process can be found here.



Image my own, Iceland, Golden Circle, September 2013