Digital & Physical Fab (Day 1)

CIID begins!

I’m have a ball-an absolute, honest to G, ball. We’ve started discussing Digi Fab methods, functions, concerns before starting with a first project called “Soft.Tough.” The object, to take a rigid material and make it “soft,” in texture, motion, presentation.

I worked in a group of 3, with 2 very clever & collaborative people. We started with rigid, 8mm foam core. We went through a series of iterations using foam, acrylic, and laser cut prototypes. The idea was to create a structure with flex, while maintaining some rigidity structure, and we wanted connectivity in the parts.

In our first iterations, we linked three one inch strips of foam core with pipe cleaners, each foam slat scored horizontally at regular intervals. Scoring provided bend while maintaining structure as each slat was scored partially through.

Connectivity aided softness qualities, in pipes cleaners connecting our foam core strips, in holding together scored foam core, and keeping laser cut wood hexagons stationary on a fixed length of tape. We moved on to the idea of laser cut “rope,” first held together with rubber bands, and lastly, as laser cut rope, linked together with laser cut pieces.

We talked about many things

Reads & References

Image my own, from CIID