My Obsession has become surround.

I’m making a series of illustrations on Eunice Williams, so far much inspired by John Demos‘ fantastic guide, the Unredeemed Captive (Amazon). I also took two recent excursions to important sites for the 1704 raid: to Deerfield, Mass, and to Fort Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

We shall see how it goes. There’s so much and not enough to read about this event. Collectively, there are rich accounts of personal narrative about Deerfield Raid. Unsatiated, and driven with my zeal for historical narrative, I was thinking I could create my own graphic novel about Eunice. I’d be very happy to plunge into research for a long time, particularly to visit the Memorial Hall Museum, in Deerfield, if it means getting to chat with the knowledgeable and kind staff all the live long day.

Reads & References