Mass Bay Colony

Mass Bay Colony
Mass Bay Colony

So, I’m a history nut job. Love to read and see where things went down and how things changed since.

I’m reading Jill Lepore’s book, The Name of War, which is divided into four categories: language, war, bondage, and memory. As a history nut job, it’s fantastic to live in Boston; historic sites mentioned by Lepore are more real because I am here to walk the walk!

Lepore posted a close up of the Massachusetts Bay Colony seal (circa 1686, 1689-1692) and I wanted to send a reminder so we all look closely at the caption above the leaf be-loin clothed Native American:

Come Over and Help Us

Present day Commonwealth of Massachusetts writes that “this motto was meant to be “emphasizing the missionary and commercial intentions of the original colonists”  (William Francis Galvin). The more I think about it, the words seem to get progressively random and epically narcissistic.

Chew on that.

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