Brraynne breakkk

week 13, #ed113

I was chatting in my Instructional Design class last night with a classmate about how your brain consolidates in the background of your reality. In class, we talk a lot about how you can’t force process and evolution-growth happens with action (some see it as *destroying* then building up).

My #ed113 project has me thinking about how to foster neural underpinning and looking at manipulatives (sorta like “brain” toys, but not like a rubric’s cube or other crap you put on your desk-which has it’s moments-but that’s not quite it!) So, I was thinking about interviewing/exploring with my work team, trying to het a better handle on my big idea via initiating mini experiments/exercises at work.

I thought of the Exquisite Corpse from DADA and how it’s corralling the creativity of our subconscious via collective assembly. Just now, I tested out an idea on my work team of 4, each person very passionate about UX, creative, analytical, and collaborative. I asked them to do a quick Exquisite Corpse, and explained the process. I think my classmate said the phrase “Brain break,” which I like. (“Break” like a jaunt to Cabo, not break like a foot.)

The Exquisite Corpse rules if you need a refresher:

Accordion fold a piece of paper. One by one, each person gets to see only one fold, and each drawing a portion of a body per fold. No peaking! Then’s the reveal. 

At first, it was pulling teeth from a trapped animal, but in the end, they all participated like champs!  It’s amazing how it feels to have a system, i.e. feeling/behaving/believing that you are locked in-physically/mentally-to creating a power point presentation. Then, some disruptive jerk (me) says, “Everyone, stop what you’re doing! Try my game! Right now!” It’s really jarring for the system! It was a bit clunky to rouse their energy and cajole them to participate. I get that feeling, of being totally annoyed that your rhythm is debounced. You also have to share something with your coworkers, which in itself can be a thing.


Call it disjointed and ugly, and everyone’s drawing skills are on display, so it’s emotional…Or is it lovely, nonsensical, hilarious, especially considering the context of our very impersonal cube farm?ExquisiteCorpse_1_small_April12

It’s not meant to be really anything-loosely a human body. They took it hard-we have two noses, my pink nose above makes the second seem obscene at first glance.

I was attempting to borrow Michelle’s idea, to use a creative, collaborative exercise, not about our power points or insurance sales. Using a bit of your brain power that we never, ever access during the day. For me, it totally infuses some of the work day with silly. It’s a brain break; I’m revived and way better after.

I wonder what other Exquisite Corpse like (speedy, unrelated) activities there are, that work? (MASH anyone?)