Old fashioned talk!

Week 9, #ed113

What have I been up to? Oh, this and that. Also, our class readings this week:

Progress: Low-Res Prototypes Help You Think

I’ve been reading Make it Stick, Feedback, and Visual Storytelling Info graphic: Design in News. I wanted to stick with “cue-routine-reward,” but am not quite sure how. I was thinking, at the start of class, I’d create a learning application about various ways to engage with material as a way to learn more deeply, accurately, more recall-able, etc. The past 2 weeks, I’ve decided to go back to that focus. My wireframes still have focused on my initial topic: neuroanatomy but “definitely” won’t be the end of the semester.

Take Away

How does cue-routine-reward work when you want to “spark” creativity? A lot of colorful, meaningful, dynamic learning is the fun stuff that grows of the rote and habitual learning methods and process. That may be old fashioned talk! I say this because I know I get really excited about material and excited to make a lot of artwork or drawings once I’ve dived into something in a traditional sense-reading books on a topic (sometimes those that aren’t my “choice,” For example: extra reading off class room work as a kid-that’s would get me inspired to go check out tangentially related to a classroom subject or even slightly off topic books and learn more in the process). I might just be talking bout how iterative process in routine is what my learning process should focus-the true meat of the behavior/habit.

The habit is the thing I like most about learning-the industry, busy bee-ness of the creative process. Maybe reward is the “why,” where you realize the why in learning and the power in learning…

Next Steps

Use a new angle on my learning application-what else is a good topic besides neuroanatomy?