Chomp Chomp Whomp Whomp

Overzealous me thought I could do so many tricky things this fall. I signed myself up for too hard (laughably, extremely, silly hard) classes this semester-all on my quest for technical skill set and better my rugged character.

In class, my teacher just asked if anyone knew Quantum Mechanics, but only one student raised his hand.  This forced one of our TA‘s to get up and leave the room,  being that class’ sophistication was not up to par for his taste.

Fine by me.

(Fittingly, the sandwich I ate for lunch today was “Peasant Chicken.“) Next semester, I’m just taking poetry and French. Simple, totally, just all words. I can do that.

Eff noise you don’t need!



Image source my own (blown out just for grins). Pilsen, Chicago, 2010.