I’m Hannah. I am a UX Researcher & Illustrator.

Illustration is my passion and I’m also a super evangelist of User Experience Research. Professionally, I work on various UX projects, researching how users understand the internet, content, visual patterns, etc. I’m interested in patterns, visual grammar, and how to build machines to better match the human brain.

I like to make things and the idea of making things. I am an armchair neuroscientist, wannabe robotics researcher, seamstress, and paper crafter. Currently, I study digital media design, creative technologies such as learning toys, simple robotics, and cognitive tools. It’s so important to be productive, to keep learning, and to make art. My interests and hobbies support my work and my creative projects. This blog is a space to share what I learn, the process, and to keep track of these inspiring things.

Thank you so much for visiting my research & making process blog.



P.S. I also Tweet, Tumblr, and Pinterest…gimme a holla sometime 🙂