Our Synapses, Ourselves

Field-Potential-Schematic "A schematic diagram showing a field potential recording from rat hippocampus. At the left is a schematic diagram of a presynaptic terminal and postsynaptic neuron. This is meant to represent a large population of synapses and neurons. When the synapse releases glutamate onto the postsynaptic cell, it opens ionotropic glutamate receptor channels. The net flow of current is inward, so a current sink is generated. A nearby electrode (#2) detects this as a negativity. An intracellular electrode placed inside the cell body (#1) records the change in membrane potential that the incoming current causes." (Wiki)

I met Joseph Le Doux when he gave a talk at the Harvard Bookstore in 2015. I got to shake his hand and tell him I loved his books and that I am also a native Louisianian. he was charming and gave me a free CD  from his band, the Amygdaloids: WhereNeuroscience Meets Rock & Roll!

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