Character Design – 3D Render

Goals: Create a 3D version of your hero, the Critter Whisperer. First, create a square orthogonal drawing that you will upload into Maya to render.

Action: This week has been about creating face variations and orthographic diagrams. We also explored character modeling, and human qualities personified by architecture and environment. This week has been about using Maya and Mudbox software. We focused on surface design, texture, hair, opacity maps, and sculpting.

Story: This hero is a young woman who was tainted with a pesticide laced pressed-Juice. She left Park Slope, Brooklyn, out of fright. This pressed juice had transformed and enlarged both the size of her heart and the seat of her animal instincts, in her cerebral cortex. Overcome with these changes, being able to communicate with animals, wild animals seeking her out for protection, comfort, company, and confused, she fled to a farm in upstate new york. She’s grown to embrace her new powers and to make a life with them.

She’s quiet, bookish, listening to these creatures isn’t a choice- she takes a 360 focus, 24/7/365 commitment that she can’t turn off.

Her cardigan is light and transparent. SHe wears simple cotton clothing that makes herself and because living in the wild and with wild things has made her thinner. Sometimes, tigers and things bring her meat, but it doesn’t feel right anymore. She’ll eat cereal or carrots from rabbits. She always wears Wellington boots because she’s outdoor. She’s never thought about getting Lasik because she’s meant to be just as she is.

Reads & References