Character Design – Hero Friends

Goal: Create a hero. Summarize their story. Begin exploring the supporting squad. I was thinking of what is compelling to me as a story. 

Action: Begin with shapes, characters drawn as silhouettes and fleshed out with digital drawing. This week has been about creating mood by focusing on color, light, environment, areas of detail, using contrasts.

Story: My hero is a young woman from Brooklyn. Next, craft the pairing of protagonists to match your antagonist. My supportive characters- her squad- might be a companion whose face is never seen- her presence is only shown as legs or emblematically, using colors to indicate the figure or the association of the hero with her companions.

The hero Critter Whisperer’s rural lifestyle may appear idyllic, however her powers are tolerated but cause her great pains- it’s almost as if the force of them has taken the hero’s voice. This change makes her even more effective in utilizing her superpower to help, soothe, protect, heal all animals. These are her squad, sidekicks, companions.

More sidekicks here: Sides

Feature image, digitally drawn, July 2017.

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