Sketch Material

Instagram has been a font of inspiration- not for my Deerfield project- but for getting to work during down moments or for becoming unstuck. Instagram has been fantastic for source material. I gravitate to the cute animal pics because they’re charming and hilarious and I like the community that comes with Instagram. The posts I save have story and a character in the tightness of the post. That’s so appealing that I want to “transcribe” into an illustration. I guess the point is to spend more time with the image, embellish, enrich, and enlarge.

At Gullkistan, I would go from struggling to depict the French-Native raid on Deerfield to drawing a beefy Great Pyrenees enjoying a waffle or a still of my favorite parrot from Spain having a shower while she trills “Rico! Rico!” I don’t think I’m much of a painter but more of an illustrator. Painting gets too complicated. I want to paint fast but wind up trying for layers and glazes and miss the quality I wanted to show.

I’ve had an Etsy store for a bit but haven’t posted anything. I thought it could be a good exercise in commitment to keeping up this illustration practice and being disciplined about practicing the things I really like doing. Here it is if you like. I’ll post small, illustrated prints sourced from Instagram.

Reads & References

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