God Damn, I Love Craft

Taking these courses upcoming at Gather Here: Basic Alterations and the Fen dress. As always, thrilled, excited, enthused to be there. At Gather Here, they run a tiiiiiiiiight ship. My theory is community makes the making better, I think. It’s solo work without the isolation of painting, obviously not 2D but almost enhanced practice, “Augmented Reality,” 3D.

Future project Ideas: the Northern Lights as embroidery. Embroidery as sculpture. Embroidery in electronics. Go! Instagram has a ton of awesome artists working in embroidery: 

Also, threads as sculpture, these two!

On crafting, wouldn’t this graduate program in Sweden be the bomb dot com?? Too bad I’m done with old fashioned school (refresh with my “anti-Harvard” post). Only immersive, a practicum based school for me!

Education for life.

Reads & References

Feature image my Fenn dress made at Gather Here. Fabric, double gauze.



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