If that’s your thing…

This blog is a space for activity, concept, practice, yes, but there’s also room for other types of info. See the thought catalogue, and, say, if you’re a Taurus, for example, recognize how precisely true and accurate this post by Chrissy Stockton depicts your Taurean life:

“Taurus is a sign that’s always being made aware of it’s major flaw: stubbornness. It’s something we associate with Taurus people more often than all their gifts: they make incredible friends. They are loyal, interesting, generous and deep people. When they are with someone, they are truly a partner in every sense of the word.

But yes, they are overly stubborn and hate when they have to give up their independence. And they can be lazy. In order for a Taurus to find love, they have to decide that they really want it and then appeal to their finely-tuned logic to understand that if it’s something they want, they have to open up to it. Other people are not the enemy. They are not trying to steal something from you or make your life more inefficient. Those are just normal bumps in the road and you have to decide it’s worth it — or be content being single.”

Take a peak at the post, anyways, if you’re not Taurus

Image my own, paper, pen, & pencil.

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