End (User) Game

*This is an evolving post!

Thinking about “the user”

In the conception phase of designing a learning experience, the path of (1) selecting a design focus or (2) identifying the users feel symbiotic and simultaneous tasks. How to choose a starting point 1 or 2? That’s where we are in my #ed113 course at Harvard, identifying our users which blossom into personas.

As a UX researcher by trade, I am familiar with jumping into a project ordained by stakeholders. We jump into projects well after conception, already bearing momentum. I enjoy chatting with test participants, customers/potential customers, devising a methodology, running user testing, creating/analyzing surveys and card sorts, the whole UX gamut. My coworkers and I talk about behavior, incentives, intuition, affective design all day-for fun, we chat affordance and metaphors.

I’m not there just yet, however. By Valentine’s Day, my project remains undefined.

#ED113 Week 4 Assignment

  • I need to interview/ observe your learners by next week, but doing what? Perhaps I can have a simple wireframe mockup and get opinions about the path they might take through a basic concept.
  • Define the questions I plan to ask?

Basic skeleton for devising your user personas…

From John Muir, in order to devise a user persona, consider:

  • “Abilities: cognitive, physical
  • Personality: attitude/motivation, learning preferences, self-monitoring (metacognitive strategies for learning)
  • Literacies: computer/tech, online learning, subject matter, domain-specific scholarly activities, textual, visual
  • Sociocultural: family, economic status, geography, organizational affiliations
  • Biological characteristics: age, gender, possibly race/ethnicity”*

Reads & References

Image my own. Iceland, Feb 2016.