Empathy Map: a better way to ___ BECAUSE____

*This is an evolving post! This is me sharing and visualizing my #ed113 project ideas…Have a look as the project evolves.

Meet Poppy!

Empathy: Is the ability to understand the feelings of another

My empathy map illustrates the “say-do-think-feel” of my personas, providing insight into their cognitive experience and their behavior and emotional needs. James M. Patell of the D.School says of empathy in user centered design: “We must fill in two blanks: Our users need a better way to ___ BECAUSE ___. The because portion is a big deal”*fancy_parrot4_crop_resize_feb2016

Poppy says

“I like to fiddle with things; keep my hands busy

Poppy does

Fidgets and investigates. Very tactile.

Poppy is very expressive; she emotes vibrantly”

Poppy thinks

Monkey mind: lots of passionate thoughts

Poppy feels

I feel overwhelmed, easily, causing more fidgeting

Flooded with ideas, thoughts


Reads & References

I drew Poppy on paper, with water color pencil and inky pens. Feb 2016.