“the 5S System, based on five Japanese words”

(Source:  Lolly Daskal, Inc.)

  • Seiri – “Sort.” Go through your space and eliminate anything you don’t need– clutter, paperwork, emails, books, processes–anything that’s unnecessary and that keeps you from your work.
  • Seiton – “Set in Order.” Once you have only items that you need and use, put them in an order that makes them accessible and easy to find.
  • Seiso – “Systematic Cleaning.” Keep your space clean and free of clutter to make it easier and more peaceful for you to work there.
  • Seiketsu – “Standardized Cleanup.” Do a daily clean up so you can always find what you need.
  • Shitsuke – “Sustain.” This can be the hardest part–keep everything up until it has become absolute habit for you.

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