Good Honest Folk

Volume VI

Arts & artists I have found this week, new and old.

Please follow the links to see more about each artist.

  • Moushira Elamrawy, Arduino Blog, Zoe Romano, “I am a maker in the making” (
  • Ann-Christine Woehrl
  • Process is so important in art making and in a “maker” focused life. I have followed fabric (sewing, knitting, making) wizard, Grainline Studio, since I first came to the site last year-very late to the game. In fact, most of the things I sew are patterns of her creation-go check out her blog, she has step-by-step tutorials that are clear and even funny. Grainline has a posted today, “Organizing PDF Patterns & Instructions” that gives a really clear view into her organization process of her pattern library. Love this-whether you are a painter, DIY electronics type, photo type, process is the manner you approach your concept and tools, and it needs to be intentional and pure.