Hexa Flexa Hexa


My fingers are more banana and I’ve always felt taunted by paper craft. These are 6 sided shapes that shouldn’t be too complicated to make and are super complicated to think about! WizardressVi Hart has an awesome series of videos on flexahexagon-ometry. Go peek at her words.

Note to Self

Wikipedia tells me that you can toss any prefix up in front, changing the shape of the paper flexagon to match.

“Flexagons are usually square or rectangular (tetraflexagons) or hexagonal (hexaflexagons). A prefix can be added to the name to indicate the number of faces that the model can display, including the two faces (back and front) that are visible before flexing. For example, a hexaflexagon with a total of six faces is called a hexahexaflexagon.”

Better Said Than I:

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