Animation Feature: “The Tool”

This user study was focused to a new tool integrated into current customer facing site areas. I led the UX team conduct in person, 1×1 hour long usability tests and through the collaboration analysis (affinity diagram).

Please note, much of my work is covered by NDA and information has been obscured.



  • 1:1 usability test: In person, mobile, desktop study
  • Several iterations since 2015

Review of March User Test Findings

  • Initial Perception & Visibility of the tool
  • Interaction & Animation with the tool
  • Design of visuals difficult to discern from design how the tool was interactive


  • The tool could be learned.
  • Many P’s were fundamentally confused about the purpose and function of the tool.

Major issues

  • Findability of this tool from the user’s dashboard.
  • Visibility of this tool on mobile devices.
  • Communication of data via visuals.