Character Design – Crafting a Hero

Goal: Create a hero and share their story. What makes a hero (or a villain?) How did they get these heroic traits?

Action: This week has been about drawing characters with a digital tablet, 3D modeling, character creation, and environment design.

Story: My hero is a critter whisperer. This hero has an innate ability to communicate with animals. Animals trust him/her and seek him out for comfort, safety, help.

She lives off the land with her friends. The main heroine has the same heroic super powers that the earlier version possessed. These powers were begotten via tainted pesticide spray meant to yield all nature to a bad force. The hero was more sensitive to this tainted chemical and become overwhelmed with a surge of feeling and intuition forces- communications from the critters of the world. She was devastated and confused. Reeling, her Brooklyn life fell apart, and one day she fled to Green Mountain woods in New Hampshire. 

Her rural lifestyle may appear idyllic, however her powers are tolerated but cause her great pains- it’s almost as if the force of them has taken the hero’s voice. This change makes her even more effective in utilizing her superpower to help, soothe, protect, heal all animals.

More hero here: Critter Whisperer

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