Digi Fab & Animatronic Eyes

I’m making this Animatronic Eye, created by user, Micropuller, with the FlashForge 3D printer, at Artisan’s Asylum.

I’m really excited about this new studio resource, Artisan’s Asylum [AA]. It’s a giant maker space with makers happy to help with questions and engaging in their own industrious projects. I’ve been looking for this for so long in Boston, and I highly recommend visiting AA and taking a class. It’s been great to have access to these tools and build on my kinetic sculpture and animatronic ideas from CIID.

Next week, I’ll be starting another Electronics Workshop and Wearables similar to the one I took at the MIT Media Lab back in 2015. I’ll be sure to share deets about that as well.

I’ve printed the body but need to set up the circuits. The circuits will need:

  • 6 Turnigy servo’s
  • LM8UU linear bearing
  • A piece of 8mm smooth rod, some push rods and ball links
  • M3 hex cap screws
  • a four channel radio system (minimum)

Reads & References

Feature image is the assembled Animatronic Eye, created by Micropuller, saved from Thingiverse. Posted with permission.