Those Three Oranges

I read this bit about linguistics was so fascinating and made clear so much at once: baby talk, why we baby talk to babies, learning language, and losing language:

“Wave form of ‘those three oranges.’ This shows the amplitude of the acoustic signal, as it varies in time (left to right). The time dimension is marked arbitrarily in tenths of a second.”

In speaking English, we don’t take a breath to utter those words- the sounds blur together like a song. How is a baby supposed to learn this language. As adults, it’s easy for us to parse these sounds into the concept of each word, but a baby just hears a connected song. The baby talk that annoys so many then becomes a fabulous tool because the stretching out of all the syllables allows the baby brain to start to take a long stretch of sound and find the individual words within, that make up, the song.

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