the Dealio

Exciting things to come in July. I was losing my mind without a tether. So long, it’s been grad school, that I’d like to find new interactions, puzzles, growth. I want to document my experiences and will do for each in later posts if you have some time to spare…

  • CIID summer workshop: I’m taking “Digital & Physical Fabrication” and as I boldly stated on twitter, I am so, so, so, so excited. Check out more on the class and teachers, here. Will I explode from excitement…will I???
  • IDEO-U course,  “Storytelling for Influence”: Why should I take this beyond learning from IDEO? I had to justify in words-some things have been redacted to project secrecy and invite intrigue. This is how I sold it and also truly how I feel about storytelling:

“I came away from my year end evaluation with the understanding that I need to communicate our usability findings more effectively via incorporating the tools and method behind storytelling. Considering the REDACTED developments in Agile acceptance, the diversity in understanding of Agile processes, and the realties REDACTED: an educative effort is essential to buy- in from our stakeholders. I see opportunity to make this moment OUR MOMENT-that is to say, with appropriate measures now led by our team, we can lead usability principles, objectives, methods to infiltrate REDACTED business processes, and perhaps have a ball doing so!

 While I enjoy public speaking and have a background in performance, but often struggle to parlay those skills into meaningful use at REDACTED. I feel this Storytelling for Influence course led by IDEOU would help me become more effective on the UX team and in making our work invaluable to our peers beyond REDACTED.

My goal is to bridge a gap: converge the mental model behind performance and the objective of clear and persuasive communication, and overall afford deep and precise growth, with immediate and recognizable impact, on the UX team.”