Of Note

Good reads this week

“You’re not alone, go easy on yourself”*

  • The Four Reasons You’re Feeling Unmotivated (and the antidotes for each one)Good reads this week (I’m big time unmotivated lately)
  • This footage amazes me: Anne Frank, seen from window (link from Aerobe)
  • Emily Nussbaum, Laverne & Curly (love love this gals)
  • Ester Zuckerman, Tina Fey Talks Sex Scenes, Burqas & Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Nick Paumgarten, Id Girls (I looooOOve these two!)
    • Maybe I could do something like this, too: “Jacobson also had a greeting-card company, which she called Imagine That. She’d fill a bag with cards she’d illustrated—miniature cityscapes, mostly—and walk around to shops selling what she could. In the fall of 2010, AOL commissioned her to come up with new artwork for a branding campaign: money!” *
    • ““I had one agent, a woman, tell me, ‘I don’t get why we’d watch this. Are they going to get married?’”*
    • Of Ilana in IRL:
      • “Se often notes children, dogs, and old people when they walk by. Willa Paskin, in Slate, compared her to Bill Murray, for the combination of deep-seated kindness and insouciance, devil-may-care mixed with we-are-all-God’s-creatures.”* (sweet girl)
      • “She says that she wants women to like her. “Men, I don’t care.””*
      • ” Se assumed the coiled verve of a roller-derby contestant” *
    • Both seems so sharp and busy and effective, but also kind:
      • “Then they stood and talked quietly for a while. Afterward, Glazer was crying. “That was crazy,” she said. She unlocked her bike, but before pedalling out into traffic she waited to make sure that Jacobson was safely in a cab back to Brooklyn.” * (sweetgirls)

Painting from a Vermont Studio Center, March 2009 residency. Oil on board.