Theodora Gould


I like to use this blog to post about artists and works of art that I like and can’t stop thinking about.

Photography, illustration, sewing, paintings are the subject of pasts post and most I have want to do. I shouldn’t exclude silversmith or jewelry making from my posts, crafts I don’t contribute, though no less admire.

I have a first hand recommendation of an artist to check out.

Please visit Theodora Gould, her site showcases her beautiful jewelry, formerly known as Aunt Sponge. She’s very talented and has created two lovely necklaces commissioned for me in the past. Both pieces turned out to be things I wear non-stop! I was going for delicate, unique, and sophisticated.

This image isn’t so glamorous-I took it right after putting both on together. I was wild with excitement!

She’s also a peach of gal to work with, to sketch, & to strategize on design. She works with excellent quality metals. I could go on and on! So, have a look at her work and get in touch.

You can reach Theodora here: and

Browse her site and check out her work!

Top image via Theodora Gould