By My Skin(y)-Skin-Skin

Just what is the world coming to? Good things, I think! But why would Google need to engineer human skin? I think about our innovations today and they are consumer driven, medical, certainly some hugely beneficial, life changing opportunities. I’m waxing poetic, I apologize, cover your eyes.

As Mrs. Frugalwoods (of the famous personal finance blog, Frugalwoods) says, our society is rife with stimuli that foment a “buy-buy-buy spend your money-RIGHT-NOW” fervor (I’m guilty, for sure!) These 3D biological innovations have arrived in our generation! For what purpose will they be applied? What’s their future?

This meager list of fascinating technologies hurt my brain cells when I try to understand the architecture, creation, biological purpose: I will try just the same: Bio-printing, 3-D human tissue modeling, artificial skin, organ, bio ink…

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