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Such a neat line of products from Uncharted Play, Inc.. I’m very excited about this company and what they deliver to innovative, multipurpose design. This feature of the SOCCKETT II, a rechargeable soccer ball really jumped out at me “About thirty minutes of play generates approximately three hours of power.” * I find this kind of dual role tool, practicality of charging/exercising and goal directive charging your phone/exercise, really fascinating.

I like how simple these “toys” are. For examplePulse, the energy charging jump rope, the website lists the products’ materials used:

  • Recyclable plastic
  • Li-on battery
  • Metal gears and motor
  • Rubber

Founders, Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, initiated the product idea for “SOCCKET, an energy-harnessing soccer ball,” and company in 2008. From their website, the ethos of Uncharted Play, feels fresh and relevant in affective design and tech today:

“Human beings are more similar than we think.
Whether you’re born in New York or Namibia, everyone laughs. Everyone smiles. Everyone plays.
At Uncharted Play, we believe that play can be used as a tool to prove that…
     …doing good doesn’t need to be boring.
     …anyone, anywhere can be a social inventor.
    …if people across the globe can connect and work together to address the issues facing    humanity, the future is boundless.”

I first found Uncharted Play, Inc. from an article on, where founder is quoted about her work, the pressure of professional dreams. She’s an all around fascinating and impressive business woman!

Jessica O. Matthews: “I deal in energy. Playful, individualized, democratic energy for all. And while my first product may be relatively focused, my dreams of what is possible are bigger than most are comfortable imagining. Honestly, it took me a while to get comfortable imagining it as well. But I found that the best way to get over this is to start saying what you believe out loud, and saying it a lot. Start with yourself — in the mirror — then your family and closest friends. Even if they laugh, just keep saying it. Before you know it, you will begin to speak your dreams into existence.” *

Please read this great article at The Vanguard describing the construction of  SOCCKET II.

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