I really appreciate Stephanie Vasko’s article today @ Slate, Creating Craftier Engineers. Sewing is something I love to do in a group led setting and hate love to do at home alone. In a group, the teachers at Gather Here and Grey’s Fabrics & Notions are lovely and kind. At home, with me, I’m a Somali warload pissed that my Pfaff wont effing Pf*ff as it should & I don’t know how to fix the epic snarls I make on my pretty fabric.

How does the brain tangle/untangle thought, detail, information into something usable? A lot of this blog is about connecting topics of interest, boiled into a few buckets, and posting about varies chunks I come across, weaving things together. From afar, where my mother sits, none of this makes sense. I’m not a neuroscientist, computer scientist, electronics wizard, just a hobbyist largely drawn to the aesthetics of these fields that are better left tended and explored by others. I really appreciate when I can get close to these topics, and though I’ve never claimed to be anything special or expert, I think the getting close to really matters especially in the scheme and scope of our universe. Science is nudged forward. I will nudge, too.

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