Moral Brain

“Key Bundles of Brain Fibers”

Murderous Minds is such a great book on psychopathy, with rich descriptions of the structures that constitute a healthy or unhealthy brain. The interconnections within the biological material “might underlie behavior” (impaired behaviors) “that underlies the process that will explain how the psychotic mind works.”

It’s a fascinating read.

Haycock also describes property dualism. A brain is scanned. Scans reveal functioning. Inferences about function = “mind.” Mind = [Behavioral inferences about empathy + altruism + conscience] hopefully. A “physicalist” would look at the brain mass as “it;” one’s brain state is synonymous with one’s mental state.

“Different levels of analysis not different levels of existence.”

Reads & References:

*All quotes in this post are Dean Haycock and cited from Murderous Minds



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