Light it up, kids.

In the Basic Electronics workshop I recently finished, I wound up like I usually do, overwhelmed by lots of ideas. I’ll feel stuck, unable to start making anything, and then, as cognitive load goes, a well defined habit of automatic thinking switches on. A script of totally unproductive and negative thoughts halts my industry.

Anyway. I’ve been bookmarking from Arduino and Instructables so much now, that rather being a catalog, elaborate organizational bookmarking becomes the important thing!

Look at the Instructables for a new project

I’ll post about what I make. I am thinking of making these awesome cat ears (Agh! I can’t find the link, but I know this lovely gal made the post I’m referencing). So far, I’ve accumulated a lot of my parts from Adafruit, so I think I can start sometime in early May.

I will start soon, after I finish my red seersucker Laurel dress, my first Alder shirt dress, my 5 final semester papers @ Harvard, apply to the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and keep up with my day job…Really, though, not too bad. I’m happy to be in this position-busy with interesting things-so I really can’t complain.

Check out the Laurel and Alder sewing classes at Grey’s Fabric & Notions and at Gather Here. I cannot say how much I love being in both stores. The staff and students have been so, so kind, are super knowledgeable, and the projects are really fun.

It’s may absolutely favorite thing to do in Boston.