DIY Toy Craft

An exercise in e-Learning

Learning Objective: Creative Exploration of Manipulative, Kinetic, & Tangible Learning

The purpose of this course is to read, make, learn. Our focus is to learn about our own learning while using a tangible support alongside our virtual learning experience. My goal is for us to build the making connection with the academic reading and research we are doing in class.



You are a student interested in exploring my belief that the act of learning can be a smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable ride. Your interests, the facets of your perspective, the dialogue of your behaviors against those of your peers are the fuel for our exploration. I expect your energy and ideas should incite a flurry of conversation on Twitter (#KineticTangibleLearning), on Canvas, and beyond. Let’s get talking, sharing, and sourcing our input. Please become familiar with class tools and set up accounts on Twitter, YellowDig, etc. if you need before class.

Sample Lesson: Create a Kit

I especially like kits because they are self-sufficient experiences without an instructor. Although, the converse to that big win- the big loss: if the directions aren’t clear (other reasons too…such as….) the kit may not be do-able and the user may have a terrible experience! How do we avoid that? How do we make a rewarding and satisfying learning experience?

Reads & References