Expert Review

One thing I enjoy doing is conducting a quick hit review of a website or app by using Jakob Nielsen’s Fundamental Heuristics to evaluate the design’s usability. I have found a lot of great sources out there beyond Nielsen’s famous list.

Using design heuristics, all content is evaluated against the heuristics we are using and ranked via severity scale. Stakeholders can have a better picture of the issues in the design and have a roadmap of where to begin improvements.

  • Unusable: Critical Barriers Problems that block someone from using the product or feature, or are extremely difficult to recover from.
  • Severe: Frustrating Problems that seriously limit someone’s ability to use a product, slows them down significantly, or forces them into difficult workarounds.
  • Moderate: Annoying Persistent problems that someone can fully recoverable from by undertaking some moderate effort.
  • Minor: Irritant Infrequent problems which are easily recoverable. Cosmetic issues.

Reads & References