EyeBeam: Project Proposal

I recently applied for the 2017 -2018 Eyebeam Residency Program in NYC. I wasn’t accepted, but thought I’d share the project ideas I put forth in my application.

Tell us how your research relates to the theme? What specific areas of the Open Call are you interested in?

As a UX researcher, my focus is physical and cognitive behavior, the understanding of behavioral impulses and reactions to using design systems. Fundamental in UX is empathy, finding empathy for the users of technology. How do you provide for user needs and advocate for those needs?

I’m specifically interested in experiential installation and simple systems, as kinetic sculpture or as connected devices. In 2015, I took a workshop with Dr. David Mellis at the MIT Media Lab, and his focus was on the DIY possibilities of interactive/connected devices. Working with Dr. Mellis was hugely influential to my understanding of devices and illuminated the possibilities within technology. Technology doesn’t have to bare a frightening learning curve or be a cost prohibitive/knowledge exclusive craft but has no capacity for democratization.

Tell us what you want to do at Eyebeam for 9 – 12 months. Why is Eyebeam the right place?

I am seeking radical change to my art practice, particularly seeking the immersive studio experience with an intense focus on industry in digital fabrication and the infectious enthusiasm of a cohort of collaborators, and time and space devoted to transferring ideas from concept to tangibility. In studying brain and behavior relationships since 2012, play, the kinetic mechanism that bridges brain behavior and emotion, is central to the projects I wish to explore at Eyebeam.

What are your goals for impact and social relevance in your practice?

My goals are to expand my technical skillset and develop manipulative tools or toys that assist the cognitive learning process. I also want to use connected devices or technology like littleBits or Arduino to create simple these tools or toys that assist learning and to build experiences using light, with kinetic materials as public sculpture.

What tools or support do you need to do your work?

Eyebeam’s resources in technical support and assistance are tremendously appealing. Without support, my ideas would be limited to just me but could be made better with the energy and diversity of several makers. I will need assistance with technical side, construction (welding, installation, electronic)

  • I recently attended the Gullkistan, Center fro Creativity, an art residency in rural Iceland, was a tremendous opportunity to focus on an art project. It was so short. I need more time to only focus on my idea and create a company or develop expertise.
  • I’m interested in exploring simple materials to make kinetics and light and have been thinking of ways to manipulate light.I’ve been seeking assistance from an expert on light and the use of lasers as light sources. Dr. Haig Atikian is a Harvard-based physician and an optics wizard.
  • Prototyping to understand best, most effective installation and concept format
  • Specific tools needed are related to connected devices, 3D printing, and scanner, legos. To build the electronics, I would need access to soldering tools/materials, conductive thread, sewing machine.


  • Laser fixin’s
  • Wearables
  • Conductive thread/paint
  • Sewing materials
  • Paper products
  • Thread
  • Conductive paint


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