Diagram: Both Play & Light

Play – Paper – Kinetics – Artifact

This diagram is meant to explore my focus on “play” as a tool for growth and as the fundamental thread for the projects I wish to explore this year. I’m interested in exploring simple materials to make simple, structural, kinetic sculptures with paper and light.

Make paper craft an experience and large scale:

The combination of paper and simple electronics:

Using light as a sculptural/sculpting (ephemeral) material:

  • Creating impulsive light patterns, manipulating speed, quality, sources, to “paint” space, with precision.
  • I’m trying to get this guy to help me with lasers but it’s like pulling teeth, Doc Haig. Busy shmizzee. No, I kid; we’ll see because I want to explore speed of light, different sources, and shooting digital photos of the light, AKA light painting.

Reads & References

More to come!