Deerfield: Relevant Work

This story of the Deerfield Raid certainly has not been neglected. The raid and important figures have been deeply researched by scholars: Evan Haefeli and Kevin Sweeney, John Demos, and Jill Lepore, to wide recognition and acclaim. However, this historical event has not been presented as an illustrated nonfiction book in the genre of the Jeremiad. For its focus and visual presentation, this book is an important contribution. Illustrating this history gives tangible identity and voice to these colonial events and reconnects them with themes existing in our contemporary American dialogue. Considering today’s American social, cultural, political climate, what historical event is better to examine the meaning of identity, nationality, and race?

Sources of Inspiration

Lauren Redniss’ publications are historical narrative while being presented in a lush and enveloping style. Not all follow the non-fiction genre, though all are presented in the same captivating, visually compelling manner, such as David Mazzucchelli.

Reads & References