Of Note

Volume VIII A recurring listicle; reads I loved to read. Tessa Hadley, Silk Brocade Ian Chipman, Shaping Tomorrow’s Breakthrough Materials Hallie Cantor, … More


Mantis Shrimp The Oatmeal tells me the Mantis Shrimp has 16 color receptive cones! Reads & References: University of California-Riverside … More


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Good Honest Folk

Volume VII Arts & artists I have found this week, new and old. Please follow the links to see more about each … More

Of Note

Volume VII A recurring listicle- reads I loved to read. James Forman, Jr. Between the World and Me: 10,000 Years From Tomorrow … More


Drawn, Quartered Loved these illustrations, historical representations of neuroanatomy; glad they have been gif’d. Reads & References Rebecca Onion, A … More


Top Wonky pocket & wild driving with my machine. I’ll have to make this one again! Which is a-ok. I … More